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The Guam Latte Medical Plaza shall have several buildings designated for primary and specialist clinics , and expected to include diagnostic and other testing facilities, advanced senior and hospice care, hemodialysis facility, laboratory, physical therapy,  pharmacy and other medically-related services and establishments located within.  These medical arts buildings are expected to connect to the private hospital, via a bridged walkway connecting the medical arts building to the new private hospital.  This shall allow easy access and convenience for the many patients, patrons, family, doctors and staff of the private hospital to access the medical arts building and its many facilities, with diagnostic equipment and services intended to complement the offerings and available services of the new private hospital. 


The Medical Plaza shall also develop serviced apartments located at the northwest corner of the Project.  The serviced apartments shall allow for short-term or long-term lodging and accommodations, to service visiting doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, out-patients, family of patients, and visiting practitioners and scholars.  This shall allow patients and family living outside of Guam, to avail of the wonderful services of a new private hospital, or to accompany their family members who are admitted for medical treatment at the private hospital.  The serviced apartments are projected to consist of approximately 30 one and two bedroom units that shall be available as lodging at daily, weekly or monthly rental rates. 


Welcome to Guam’s newest retail commercial and medical development centrally located immediately adjacent to the Guam’s newest private hospital, the Guam Regional Medical City.


For more information, please contact:  Sky Development, Attn:  Cesar C. Cabot at 646-2001.


Guam’s newest private hospital, the Guam Regional Medical City opened its doors in May, 2015.  The new hospital offers the latest, cutting edge medical technology and medical services to the people of Guam, Micronesia and this region of the world.  The private hospital is a full serviced hospital that shall contain 140 private rooms and shall offer the latest medical treatment and technology, which saves lives and has elevated the level of healthcare in our community.


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